Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Smashbox The Santigolden Age Be Legendary Lip Gloss

After my last blog post on my Smashbox Mascara, I went out and purchased one of their lip glosses.

I bought the Smashbox Santigold Lipgloss in the colour hot lava. This is a Smashbox exclusive range and I just instantly fell in love with it all.

I opted for the colour Hot Lava as it was a lovely red shade and red gloss is something I'm missing from my collection.The packaging alone is just beautiful, it has a nice gold lid and some funky writing on the bottle.

As you can see by the swatch on my hand, it's more of an coral/orange colour so wearing this alone isn't the red I was after. But I actually applied this over a red lipstick and it looked lovely.

It's not a greasy/heavy product like other lip glosses I've tried it's very light weight and not at all sticky.

This cost me £15 from Boots but again, like the mascara this is all sold out so when it comes back in stock I'd act fast!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Smashbox Eye Brightening Mascara

I won this mascara with a load of other goodies and boy am I glad I entered!

I've never used Smashbox products before but after using this I am definitely going to have a look at all of their other products.

So this products says that it curls, lifts and and brightens the eyes for a totally wide-eyed effect. And let me just say how accurate this is!

I put off using it for a while because I thought it was just all talk and was confused with how a mascara could brighten eyes.

When I first used this product I was literally gobsmacked as I looked awake and my eyes had definitely widened. I thought this was just because I had used a different concealer under my eyes. The next day I used it again without the concealer and again I was just amazed. I now reach for this over my beloved Mac mascara...

It applies easily, doesn't clump, doesn't smudge and doesn't go all flaky. The first time I wore this to work I had a few people saying you look like you've had a good nights sleep, when in fact I really hadn't it was all thanks to this mascara!!!!

It works due to a blend of micas (a group of minerals), titanium and blue pigments that makes the white of your eyes pop.

This product costs £19.50 and is currently sold out in most places so I suggest when it does come back in stock you grab one fast, I know I will be stocking up!

What's your favourite go to mascara?


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

NYX Soft Matte Lip creams

Since Boots are now stocking NYX products and I have a Boots store literally 2 minutes away from my office I normally spend half an hour of a morning and then my lunch break having a wonder round all of the products!

I've never used NYX products before so I thought I would start of with using a few of there lip products. I was torn as to whether I should buy their lip pencils, their glosses, the lipsticks or their soft matte lip creams. I had a look at all four different types and I was drawn more towards the lip creams.

I bought two colours;

 a nude colour (SMLC16 CIARO)
and a redish/brown colour (SML32 ROME)

The first thing I noticed when I opened the nude colour was the was just divine and made me want to eat it! The smell is very sweet and kind of smells like a cake, so I was instantly won over.

Applicator wise, for me it's a good size, I can't stand it when the applicators are too big and you end up with lipstick on your chin! The application is also very good, it goes on well and doesn't need alot of product as a little goes a long way but it is totally buildable depending on how much product you want on your lips. It is also very moisturising and doesn't dry your lips out.

I wouldn't say it's a thick consistency but it's not runny either overall to me, it's a very good product.

The ONLY downside is they are quite pricey so for an 8ml tube it's £5.50 but for the quality I am more than happy to pay the price.

I think they next product I want to try is the Buttercream Glosses because if these products are super-soft and creamy, I can't wait to see what those are like.

What's your favourite NYX product? or if you've never tried NYX what's your favourite lip products? Let me know in the comments :)


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Fitbit Charge HR | Review

I've had my Fitbit Charge HR for over 6 months and it's a gadget that I won't workout without.

I got this from Argos at a price of £99.99, they come in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium & Large) and a few different colours (black, purple and red). I got size small as my wrists are tiny!
You wear it just like a watch and it has an an adjustable strap.

I was a bit sceptical about buying this at first as it was a lot of money and I wasn't entirely sure what it could do. 
The Fitbit monitors how many steps you take, how many calories you have burned, your heart rate, how far you've walked, and how many flights of steps you have climbed. Now I thought that was pretty impressive but it does more!!!

It tracks your exercise too. for example the picture shows you the exercise I completed, tells you how many calories and what percentage of fat you have burnt.

For me, this is also a good motivator to get off my arse and do more, as I work in an office and i am sat down for 8 hours a day, it's a good incentive when you've seen you've only done 2000 steps to try and go for a walk at lunch or when going to loo trying to walk the long way round to it. You can change your daily step goal so mine is set to 10,000 but you can make it higher or lower.

This amazing gizmo also tracks your sleep. It tracks how long you slept for, if you was restless, how long you was restless/awake for and is really good for people who have trouble sleeping and maybe want to see how much they are actually getting a night.

I could literally talk about this for ages , but I think I've waffled on long enough!

If you are looking for a good tracking band for exercise and/or sleep I highly recommend the Fitbit Charge HR, it's pricey but you defiantly get what you pay for.

what's your favourite tracking bands or do you use something else? Let me know in the comments :)


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Maybelline Dr.Rescue Peel Off Base Coat | Review

After discovering a Nail Art Channel run by the lovely Cristine called Simply Nailogical and watching her do her amazing nail art, in everyone of her videos she uses a peel off base coat and then treats you to peel porn at the end of each tutorial which is just so pleasing to watch...sounds odd but go over to her channel and watch her polish mountain video then you will see what I mean.

As it says on the tin this is a base coat that you apply before your usual nail varnish and when you are ready to remove your nail polish you simply peel it off and not needing to use nail varnish remover.

I searched every where to find a peel of base coat as I am the type of person who will paint her nails and then a few days later get bored and start picking, so finding something that could potentially remove the nail varnish in one hit sounded amazing.

I then came across the Maybelline Dr.Rescue Peel Off Base Coat in Boots which cost £2.99 and couldn't wait to try this bad boy out.

On the bottle it states to apply a thin layer, wait two minutes for it to dry and then apply your choice of nail varnish as usual and then when ready to remove, starting from the edge peel it off.

I did what I was told an applied a thin layer on all of my finger nails and waited two minutes for it to dry. When applying the base coat it was quite stringy, not sure if that's because I was putting it on too thick, but even when I got rid of all of the excess polish on the bush it was still doing it. After the two minutes was up it was still extremely tacky and wet so I let it dry for a bit longer. After 7 minutes I went ahead and painted my right hand using the Rimmel London 60 seconds super shine in 403 Oragasm. As the base coat was still very tacky, applying the nail varnish was difficult as it was very sticky and stringy.

I left the base coat on my left hand to dry for longer which took a total of 15 minutes for it to be totally dry to the touch, so again I went ahead and applied my nail varnish. The application this time was a lot better, it wasn't stringy and went on how it should do. 

My nail varnish lasted 4 and a half hours before the nail varnish on one of my fingers just slid off as I was getting something out of my pocket....

This is defiantly not something I would use if I wanted my nail varnish to last!
I then got too impatient and went ahead and started to peel off the varnish on the rest of my fingers and it was very satisfying.

It does do what it's supposed to and peels that nail varnish off in one stroke, so if that's what your after I do recommend this base coat, but like I said I wouldn't say this is to be used for nail varnish that you want to last for a long time.

Below is a video that I made to show you how easy it is to remove.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite base coat and nail vanish are to use :)


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My favourite exercise class

Since February 2016 I have been going to one of the most fun exercise classes ever. the class is called Boogie Bounce Extreme.

Boogie Bounce is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline with a safety bar, choreographed to chart topping music which includes an EXTREMELY effective cardio section. It is by far the hardest yet most enjoyable classes I have ever been too.

Since doing this class for 6 months now, I have noticed a huge difference in my fitness levels. My cardio endurance has strengthened, my cellulite has DRAMATICALLY reduced if not disappeared and my bum muscles have strengthened, as well as loosing weight and toning my body.

Boogie Bounce is a chain and I highly recommend looking on their website linked here and seeing if there are any classes near you if you are looking at getting fit but find the gym boring.

I go to my classes at a place called fit2flirt  in Gravesend (UK) which is run by the amazing Lisa. I do other classes here too such as Weighted Hula, Anti-gravity Yoga and Clubbercize. If anyone lives near by and is looking for some fun classes, but like I was scared to go to classes with people you don't know, I can't recommend fit2flirt enough. Lisa makes you feel so welcome and comfortable and it's such a lovely atmosphere and no one is there to judge only to support and it's like a little fit2flirt family that you instantly feel apart of as soon as you join.

Below is a little video I put together from one of my sessions at Boogie Bounce. I have to say, after watching the video back, it looks quite easy, but trust me when I say it pushes you to your limits!

What's your favourite type of exercise to do? are you the type of person who loves going to the gym or do you do other classes. Do let me know in the comments :)


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Maybelline Master Contour

I'm a sucker for a bit of contouring (who isn't) but I just cannot get on with contouring using powders, I end up looking like I have dirt on my chin!

I then came across this V-shape duo stick contour and highlight.

I got this in the shade 02 Medium and it's the perfect colour for me. I love products that are two-in-one because it gives me more room to buy more make up! and it's also really handy to just chuck in your handbag in case you ever need it.

All you do is, use the dark side in all your normal contour places so mine is under my cheek bones, my jaw, temples, forehead and my nose and then blend away. I've blended this using both my fingers and a beauty blender. The beauty blender does take a bit more time but it gives better results. I will then do my blusher and then use the lighter side to highlight.

This cost me £6.99 from boots, but you can also get this in Superdrug and most high street stores. This is my go to contour, I don't even reach for the powders anymore.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite contour and highlight products are to use :)